About Random Analytics

Random Analytics was my first foray into writing under my own steam commencing back in October 2012.  Originally I thought it might be a good site to discuss Workforce Planning but it morphed into much more touching on topics such as epidemiology, regional development, politics, sport and occasionally something completely random (hence the title).

Without really planning to my subject matter expertise area’s now have their own blog-sites. The two sites are Peak Jobs Analysis and Peak Jobs News. I’ll let you try to work out which one is dedicated to Analytics and which one focusses on news stories.

Although the bulk of my limited spare time might be more focussed on Peak Jobs I really do enjoy posting to Random Analytics and I have a deep interest in exploring epidemiology, which is sometimes more interesting and seemingly, more important than my day job. This site still is and always will be my analytic sand-pit.

I’m always open to suggestions so if you have an idea that might be worth analysing please tweet me.